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Fire and Climate Conference

A Global Response to Wildland Fire

The International Wildland Firefighters Association holds a conference every two years to help wildland firefighters around the globe stay up-to-date on the latest techniques for keeping us safe in the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface). They were looking for something different than the normal event website that showed images of wildfires.


Instead of showing horrible images of fires destroying communities, we created original illustrations that highlighted why it’s important to keep our forests healthy, so that we can continue to enjoy Mother Nature for years to come. 

The home page leads users to pick one of the two different conference locations. We used WordPress’ multi-site feature to allow the administrators to easily update both sites and keep design and content consistent on both. 


Site Design

User Interface

User Experience

Site Development


The sites were distinguished from each other by the two different illustrations used in the hero section on each page. We also used two distinct colors for the main accent for each site.
A bright color palette helped important elements contrast with the dark green background.


Fully responsive, custom site built in WordPress.