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When Frederique Van Der Wal retired from modeling, she decided to use her passion for flowers to start a new lifestyle brand, Frederique’s Choice. She built up quite a successful flowery delivery business in the Netherlands, and wanted to replicate that in the United States. Her subscription service makes her stand out in a somewhat crowded field, and differentiates her brand by pushing American consumers to build a lifestyle around beauty. I gave her a fully responsive e-commerce site built in WordPress. It was built on a mosaic tile grid (much like the one used by Pinterest) with an easy to use shopping experience that promotes the subscription service as often as possible without being intrusive.


Site Design

User Interface

User Experience



The home page features a rotating hero image to call out different aspects of the service. Underneath is a lazy-load, infinite scrolling content section that allows the client to feature as many products as they’d like and intersperse different callout sections that break up the colorful photography and drive users to different content.

Product pages

The product is divided up so that users can shop by category or type of bouquet. A typical product page is populated using tags and a fluid grid that automatically reflows based on screen size and number of products. I used three overall tile sizes that allow the mosaic to build itself proportionally while also allowing some products to be highlighted over others.

Single product page

The individual bouquet pages feature large product shots, details about the bouquet, delivery options and a ‘Drop a Hint’ form that allows users to send an email to someone that prompts that person to purchase the bouquet for them. Below that, are large lifestyle images that help the users visualize what the bouquet looks like in actual settings.


Fully responsive, custom WordPress site. Built in conjunction with e9.