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Swipe that job

KJ Technical Recruiters saw a hole that needed to be filled. People in the service industry (think servers, baristas, bartenders) didn’t have a good way to find available jobs in their area. We built an app based on the Tinder model that would allow them to swipe quickly through available jobs. Search filters allowed them to set a mile radius (a lot of these people aren’t willing to travel far for work) that would limit their search results, as well as filter out by job type. The app automatically sends their application to the hiring manager, and lets them keep track of applications they’ve sent. After two weeks, open positions refresh which allow them to reconsider jobs they may have swiped past in the past.



User Interaction

User Experience

App Design


A new brand

The owner wanted something unique and memorable, so we started with several ideas for names. Once we landed on three different options that he liked, we started in on identity concepts.

From the beginning, the owner was pretty set on the name Korgy. He really loves those weird, little dogs, and he thought it would provide a memorable name for the app. 

Round Two

We landed on two different options that the client wanted to see in color. Each had completely different personalities—both fairly playful, but one more traditional, and the other more contemporary.

Color exploration

The client decided that the options from the previous round were too playful, and didn’t speak enough to the service industry aspect of the app. So, we went back to one from the first round that highlighted that more strongly, and used it to explore some color palettes.

The app

While we had been exploring logo options, we started working on possible designs for the app.

User Dashboard

For easy management of job openings, we built a dashboard that hiring managers could use to build wanted ads and post them to the app.


Built in React by Joseph Chambers. Copy by Laura Churchman.