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Start Popping

Old Mill Kettle Corn wanted to bring their brand into the 21st century by updating their old, smallish, non-responsive site. I gave them a one-page, scrolling site based on a 12-col fluid grid that works well on all devices, both desktop and mobile. I felt it was really important to tell their story: a small batch, made-by-hand, Southern kettlecorn company that used a recipe handed down through generations. Each section addresses different aspects of the making of their product in a more or less chronological order. Built on Foundation for WordPress, the site is easy to maintain and update.


Site Design

User Interface

User Experience


The home page features a fullscreen video of popping corn falling down into the frame. Overlaid are the brand identity, with a subtly animated scroll prompt at the bottom of the screen.

The navigation

The nav floats with the content, staying fixed on the right and left sides of the screen. It features two ways to move down the page: via the dots on the right, or the slide out initiated by the hamburger on the left. It’s also easy for the user to go back to the beginning with a ‘back to top’ button above the hamburger.

The flavors

To showcase the four flavors, I designed a sideways scrolling section in the middle of the page. Users can move through it chronologically, or directly by hitting any of the flavor badges on the home page.


A customized WordPress template, built in conjunction with e9.