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Smart Commute

A smarter way to get there

Smart Commute is a Transportation Management Organization that promotes smarter commute options to communities and businesses in the North Denver Metro area. Smart Commute (formerly Smart Commute Metro North), wanted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary by launching a new name, logo and website. We built them a custom, WordPress site that made it easier for users to find information and made lead generation a priority.


The first order of business was a new identity. The old one had been created quite a while ago, and looked pretty dated. 

Then we gave them a new custom, WordPress site that focused on the programs and resources they offer both employers and residents in the North Denver Metro area. They also wanted a component that allowed them to gather user data, so we built a Downloads section that requires an email to get the free download. 

We used illustrations nstead of trying to use poor quality photography that maybe didn’t illustrate the content well enough, which gives the site a lot of personality, and helps them stand out in a crowded field. 


Identity Design

Site Design

User Interface

User Experience

Site Development

The new identity gave the organization a more modern feel, and focused more on symbolic movement, rather than specific modes of transportation. As a bonus, there's a subtle (accidental) nod to some of the now-defunct airlines in the sixties.
We used illustrations as the main graphic elements to complement the personality of the organization, and to help them stand out from other TMAs in the area.
The Programs and Resources pages are the most important sections of the site. Both residents and employers use the Programs page to learn about current offerings from Smart Commute, and the Resources page gives employers access to data compiled by Smart Commute, and residents links to important transportation agencies that service the area.


Fully responsive, custom site built in WordPress. Copy by Laura Churchman.