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Terry Rigg Design

An organic approach to design

What do you do if you’re a print designer, who has no interest in learning how to design websites, but you need one to advertise your work?

You hire us.

Terry came to us because he had never created a portfolio site for his work, even though he’d been in business for over 30 years. He wanted something unique, that reflected his heritage, and showcased his work in signage, brochures, branding and stationery.


We gave him a site that uses custom, animated icons (check out that one in the footer) that reference Japanese anime, and starts off with a full-page menu. The portfolio was organized by category with navigation at the bottom of each project to lead users through the work. The dark background provided nice contrast with the work, and made the whole site feel more like an art gallery. We also introduced some small movement strategically in several of the important elements to give the site a little bit of life, and counterbalance the 2D aspect of most of his work.


Site Design

User Interface

User Experience

Site Development

The client didn't want the normal portfolio site home page that features work and gives background on the artist. Instead he gave us a brief, guiding principle that informs his work. We animated some icons that represent the three elements of that principle and used the home page as a full-page menu to immediately draw the user into the site.
The footer was a call to action to encourage future clients to reach out and start a project.
To subtly refer back to the client's Japanese heritage, we used a bright color palette that contrasted well on the dark background, and created some animated icons that helped liven up the home page.
Custom Icons


Fully responsive, custom site built in WordPress.