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Transportation Solutions

Making change. Together.

This Transportation Management Association has the goal of making it easier for residents and employees move into and out of their Denver community. They needed an updated, more modern, more professional site that speaks to three different audiences: employers, residents and land developers. Their old site had last been designed about six years ago and had become bloated with pages and a user experience that was confusing at best. We reorganized their site, bringing the focus more to their resources section where we provided the different audiences with ways to tailor their commutes.


We streamlined the user experience to make it easier for users to find the information they needed easily and quickly. We also trimmed down the overall amount of information on the site into more ‘bite-sized’ chunks, to make everything less overwhelming. We focused on the Resources page that hosted important links for each of the three audiences.


Site Design

User Interface

User Experience

Site Development

Identity Design

We gave them a new identity that felt urban, and modern, and focused on movement rather than specific modes of transportation.
A bright accent color helped give the site some personality, and overlays let us put copy with full-width photos and still keep the pages relatively short in height.


Fully responsive, custom site built in WordPress. Copy by Laura Churchman.