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Bring on the movement

UrbanTrans North America, an urban planning consulting firm headquartered in Denver, had an outdated site that needed an upgrade. We focused on modernizing with a custom WordPress site that leaned heavily on their expertise and their team members to bring some personality to what could be a dry subject. Large type, language that was lighter in tone and some quirky photos helped drive home the message that this is a team you want to work with. 


The whole site is an ad for the company, with the goals of selling their services and to get possible clients to reach out and start a project. We placed large, full-width company-personality-driven CTAs at the bottom of the main pages to keep users engaged, and tease other types of content.

Because the client wanted to be seen as experts in their field, we used Expertise as a navigation item and focused on their portfolio site-wide. We also created custom icons that represented each of the capabilities the client is an expert in.


Site Design

User Interface

User Experience

Site Development

Because the company is more service oriented than product oriented, we did not have very many photos to use of specific project details. Instead, the site uses large type to reduce the reliance on photography.

We also gave them a way to distinguish projects that were more important to them by treating case studies differently than the regular portfolio. Each section naturally expands as the client adds more content.
Each individual project included the appropriate icons that represented the services provided on that project. We created an easy way at the bottom for users to move onto additional work.


Fully responsive, custom site built in WordPress. Copy by Laura Churchman.